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We are experts in Optimizing an Identity while Maximizing a Reputation. Image Control Experts. The Art of Believability has been mastered for over 25 years.

Our services go to places other publicists don't even touch. We make it our job to control the look of the images released, the stories attached to those images and the underlying motivation of the media to run stories we deem to be in line with the vision we and the client have, i.e. their "brand." In addition we do damage and spin control of images, items, stories and public perceptions we perceive as negative or contrary to the client's image goal for themselves as individuals and as a brand.

Global's continued success comes from our ability to recruit and retain the best people in the business. Global has very selective standards for team membership and at the same time, an uncanny ability to identify, hire and retain the industry's most talented professionals. Our reputation, dedication to our associates, and flat organizational structure are very compelling attractions to self-motivated, goal-driven individuals. Our associates are our greatest corporate asset. Therefore, associate retention and recruitment are our top priorities, and it shows. Global is one of the fastest growing public relations firms in the country. This is an extremely important advantage to our clients as well. At Global, our clients appreciate the consistent service and attitude of partnership they receive from a team that is dedicated to their business and brand on a long-term basis.
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