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Events from Kentucky Derby 2014

Olympic skaters, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinksi, both correspondents for the 2014 Kentucky Derby, stop to take a picture with Richie Sambora.

Weir describes his hat on NBC as “clean, pure, fun, feathers, and that’s what the Derby’s about, fashion-wise.” Lipinski chimed in: “Can we take note of my favorite part? The golden hoof. It is sparkling.” It is. And it is beautiful. Here’s a close-up.

Richie Sambora Wins Big at the Derby, Say Daughter Ava 'Is the Love of My Life'

 Richie Sambora Wins Big at the Derby, Say Daughter Ava 'Is the Love of My Life'
Richie Sambora performs at the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Eve Gala with the auctioned guitar
Ava Sambora is daddy's little girl, for sure.

"She and I are close and have
a candid relationship," Richie Sambora told PEOPLE exclusively from the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, where he performed at the famed Barnstable Brown Gala, hosted by sisters Patricia and Cyb Barnstable, on Friday.

"Boundaries are set," says the Bon Jovi guitarist, 54. "That doesn't budge. She is an amazing kid and dedicated to school. She's acting. The first audition she [went] out for was Judd Apatow's This is 40 – and she got it. She's been
doing Disney stuff. I'm really proud of her – she's just a joy. My favorite girl – her and my mom, I always say."

As for Ava's mom,
his ex-wife, Heather Locklear, Sambora tells PEOPLE, "Time does heal old wounds. I mean, I still love Heather and I know she loves me. She's the mother of my child, man. What can you say?"

For more on this story, visit People Magazine at:http://tinyurl.com/n4zjbmy

Reporting by LIZ McNEIL
This article, People Magazine, helps Richie Sambora's reputation, because it is speaking about something that is more intimate and personal of his, which is:

-his daughter
- Diabetes Foundation, which his grandmother past away from

He has a connection to the two, making him the right person to speak about the cause because he has knowledge about it, is willing to help, and has a large audience to inform, which helps makes a difference.

People know about the bad behavior he had in the past, but him speaking about his daughter shows:
-lessons are learned
-his focus, determination, and drive to continue to be a better person for his child.
- how she shaped his life for the better.

It also shows that he was able to mend a relationship with the mother of his child, Heather Locklear, to be the best parents for her.

How does this information help maximize his reputation:
 Showing all the good he is doing, and will continue to do will overshadow the behavior he had in the past. It brings a new form of respect to him and his brand. It shows the humbleness within him, and his ability to connect with others.

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