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Global PR are experts/thought leaders in Image Control Publicity. With 25 years of partnering with the world's media giants using a collaborative approach built on integrity, Global has a myriad of loyal longstanding key media contacts; Partners of Trust, who keep their ears to the ground for our clients looking for opportunities to deliver world class win-win content. Our pages of confidential clients range from a multitude of legendary A-list celebrities, attorneys or persons of media interest. We are respected by the media conglomerates and seen as experts of a niche that specialize in the immediate control of an image, brand/likeness of a celebrity or person of media interest. It is our close, loyal, respected and long term working relationships that allow us to influence top decision makers on our needs and demands. Our proven 25 year historic track record of Optimizing your Identity while Maximizing your Reputation is customized to meet the needs, opportunities and desired outcomes of our carefully selected clients. 

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Global's genius for how you perceive, understand, experience, interpret and respond to our well crafted media, forms your concrete opinions and beliefs. Our Partners of Trust play a key role in the adoption and speed of new found opinions and beliefs. Elimination of negative media and the development of world class content is a daily deliverable from our well respected Partners of Trust. Timing and client reliability are crucial in our partnership with you while maintaining our integrity in everything that we do.

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  No one in the industry, not publicists nor attorneys, not managers nor agents, have the power or leverage to do what we do.

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Former wrestling star Hulk Hogan says his estranged wife LINDA BOLLEA is the toughest opponent he has ever faced.

The 54-year-old WWE star - real name Terry Bollea - separated from Linda Bollea last November after 23 years of marriage and admits their bitter war of words has taken its toll on him.

Hulk - who in his career faced a host of fearsome opponents, including Andre the Giant, Earthquake and The Rock - told Us Weekly magazine: "Without a doubt, this is the most formidable opponent I've ever run into."

"You talk about dirty tricks. Brass knuckles, steel chairs, cheap shots, tripping people up. I've never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does."

"I guess I taught her well."

Linda, filed divorce papers claiming he "relentlessly and methodically" stalks her, "causing her anxiety and fear for her safety at all times."

Wearing a STOParazzi® Anti-Paparazzi shirt outside the jail the day before her son, Nick's, release. 




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